Monday, 25 June 2012

Why use promotional mugs?

Promotional merchandise has been used for over 100 years to advertise and promote companies around the globe. The idea of giving a potential customer a useful tool or a enjoyable gift with you company logo on it has been a successful marketing strategy, providing success to businesses who chose to utilise this method. But why choose mugs to promote you business?

Mugs are common place in the office environment, nearly everybody has a cup of tea or coffee whilst getting on with the daily grind. A coffee mug will sit on a desk all day long, almost becoming part of the office furniture. Interesting mugs can become conversation pieces and people develop a affectionate attachment to the favorite mug. Mugs are mobile and can be carried safely around the work place and are heavy enough not to tip over from slight knocks or bumps.
The point of these observations is that you can attach your logo to a highly used object which will last years if looked after. Its will sit on a customers desk and will be seen by all passing, and being mobile it can be carried from place to place, increasing its visibility. Unusual designs will be seen by customers coming in and out your office, often being noted and commented on. 

A promotional mug with a printed logo is a great advertising platform which is affordable, useful and has a much longer lifetime than a most promotional merchandise, plus it will be in front of your potential customers on a daily basis. Why not try promotion mugs for you next adverting campaign.

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